Teacher Goes Above And Beyond

As one sits in a lecture hall filled with hundreds of people it is found that many have a hard time focusing on the actual lesson being taught. Now, this situation is not just found in college lecture halls it is throughout the nation and in the middle, elementary and high schools alike.

Due to many distractions including people talking, phones buzzing and the internet at our fingertips, it can cause teachers to lose the interest of students.  Seeing this a prominent issue in today’s schooling society, a third-grade teacher has decided to make a lesson plan as interesting as possible.

Knowing that Ms. Verónice Duque had to teach her students the anatomy of the human body, she went online and started browsing the web. Duque came upon a bodysuit that she could wear, which has a detailed outline of the anatomy of the human body.

This teacher automatically took this an opportunity for her little ones to become engaged in the lesson plan. So what did she do, Duque bought the suit and wore it the day of her anatomy lesson…

The results of the suit were tremendous, students were able to visualize the internal organs of the body by just looking at the body itself.

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