Rock N’ Roll Groupies

Some fans buy tickets to concerts and wear their favorite musician’s merch, others have taken their love to even greater extremes. These groupies pretty much become a part of these musicians’ lives, influencing the history of rock ‘n’ roll as much as the rockstars themselves. This being the case, it’s not surprising that some groupies have gone so far that they have even broken up these rocking groups. Here are some of the most incredible photographs of famous groupies rocking out with the greatest of musicians.


Rolling With The Stones


Getty Images/Gamma-Keystone/France


On June 2, 1967, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones came out of court after an initial hearing of his trial. Jones was charged for possessing illegal substances. Young groupies in fashionable mini skirts look on in awe at their idol. Jones received nine months in prison. 



Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards


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On August 29, 1970, the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his wife Anita Pallenberg left Heathrow airport in London with their 13-month-old son, Marion. The family was coming back for a European tour. Pallenberg was 21 when she met the Stones and won them over by handing out illegal substances. At the time, Jones harbored feelings that his bandmates hated him and in his vulnerability, he turned to Pallenberg. He told her, “I don’t know who you are, but I need you.” Reportedly, he then brought her back to his apartment, where he sobbed while she held him. Pallenberg and Jones started dating, completely changing the whole band. She got them to embrace the “evil” persona and inspired songs like “Sympathy for the Devil.” Pallenberg even sang backup on the song.


The Clash Clap Back


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The Clash are considered to be the definitive British punk rockers. The band was charged with idealism and righteousness, often singing about revolution and the working class. Over just the course of three weekends, the band recorded their debut album. The band also got involved in social activism, such as headlining a Rock Against Racism concert. This fan can be seen watching attentively at a Clash concert in Sweden in the 1970s.



Kendra Jade & Lukas Rossi


Getty Images/Brian Putnam/ FilmMagic


Kendra Jade began her career as a well-known burlesque dancer and adult performer. She was an instant hit and soon entered the world of Hollywood’s party scene. Her friends Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro introduced her to Lukas Rossie, the lead singer of reality tv group Rock Star Supernova in 2006. The two are still married today.


Daisy Dukes


Getty Images/Walt Disney Television/ABC Photo Archives


The California Jam music festival was the last of the original wave of rock festivals. Bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Eagles, and Black Sabbath played attracting a large number of fans and groupies. These young women are seen jamming out at the concert, the last of the groupie era. 



Peace, Love, Rock ‘N’ Roll


Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Eichner


Woodstock 1994 was a music festival held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival of 1969. It was promoted as “2 More Days of Peace and Music.” But clearly it was not all peace, love, and happiness. There was some serious rock and roll vibes going on in that crowd as you can see in the picture above.


Yves St Laurent


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The man in the glasses might seem a bit overwhelmed surrounded by beautiful women, but don’t be fooled. This man is none other than the famous Yves Saint-Laurent, the foremost fashion designer of the 20th century. Laurent was hanging out at Studio 54 with  Halston, Loulou de la Falaise, Potassa, and Nan Kempner on September 20, 1978.



Cathy Smith


Getty Images/Toronto Star/Cal Miller


The groupie life is not always as glamorous and fun as its made out to believe. It can also be an extremely dangerous lifestyle. Just take Cathy Smith as an example. Smith went from groupie who partied with the Rolling Stones and The Band to the woman who had a hand in John Belushi’s death. Smith served 18 months for her involvement in the passing of Belushi.


David Bowie


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What made David Bowie so gifted was that he treated his fans like friends. Bowie truly enjoyed delighting people with his music; he was a true performer. That is just one snapshot into the life of Bowie, who, wherever he went, was swarmed by adoring fans. Here the singer arrived to Hon Kong on December 6, 1983. 



Stiv Bators, Bebe Buell, & Rodney Bingenheimer


Getty Images/FilmMagic/Brad Elterman


The rather scrawny man from Ohio went ahead and surprised everyone when he became the legendary rocker he’s known as today. Stiv Bators had a penchant for shocking audiences during his performances. The Dead Boys’ singer was described as being snarly and vicious, known to get naked on the stage and throw food at the crowd. That didn’t seem to deter groupie Bebe Buell.


Diana Ross


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Back in 1979, the place to be was Studio 54 in New York City. But the night before the founders of the nightclub were sent to prison, they had a closing party that was more extravagant than the opening night. Diana Ross, a Studio 54 favorite, performed that night.



The Good Brothers


Getty Images/Toronto Star/Ron Bull


The Good Brothers are a Canadian country, bluegrass, folk music group made up of actual brothers. Here are the brothers and bandmates relaxing on Toronto Island.