A Clown For Emotional Support

In general, clowns are hired for children’s birthday parties. But times are changing, and nowadays, pretty much anything seems to go, apparently.  So believe it or not, a copywriter actually hired a clown to support him throughout a meeting that he was expecting to be fired at. 

The copywriter, who works for an advertising agency in New Zealand has made it to recent headlines for his unique attempt at getting through a difficult work situation. In fact, New Zealand employers are now required by law to offer their employees with the chance to bring a support person in order to help them deal with being fired. 

Most people bring a family member or close friend, this guy actually hired a professional clown! Josh Thompson expected the worst after receiving an email from his company that gave him reason to believe this would be the end, making for a seriously awkward company meeting. 

The clown was very noisy during the meeting and had to be asked to quiet down on several occasions. Thompson did in fact end up getting fired, unfortunately, and has expressed that hiring the clown felt like the right thing to do.

Even throughout all the extra noise the clown made while making animal balloons, it helped loosen up the tension in the room.  Thompson now has a new secure job, and can always laugh about what he did when he looks back at the past. 

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