A Cat Catastrophe

Although it sounds too crazy to be true, it has been reported that a Russian woman was stuck in her kitchen, unable to leave for an entire two days after her house cat started to become highly aggressive with her. The cat is reported to have attacked her anytime she attempted to leave. 

The woman who was held captive by her cat was thankfully noticed by another resident in the area, who saw her screaming for help from her third-floor apartment window.  The neighbor called the authorities to get help, and rescuers arrived right away, although it wasn’t so simple. The front door of her home was locked, so they had to use a ladder to climb into the kitchen through the window, and were able to save the poor woman and evacuate her from the kitchen, and from her cat. 

The Russian woman is reported to be healthy and well, unharmed, as was her cat. The cat was placed in a cage, and returned to her owner, with the suggestion from authorities that this bizarre behavior gets checked out. What’s missing from the report, however, is what she did when she had to go to the bathroom for that two day period…

Anyone who has pets can surely relate to the devastation that this woman must have been feeling. It’s a terrible feeling when your pet is acting out, but you don’t know why or how to stop it. You may be scared for your life but at the same time, you are worried about your pet’s safety and wellbeing as well. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, but there are likely other similar stories that don’t end on a positive note. The main thing for pet owners to take away from this story is the importance of keeping a close eye on your pets and noticing any strange behavior they’ve been displaying – and of course, alerting the authorities in time.