Transgender Woman Takes on Procedure for Inflatable Breasts

A new trend has hit the streets, inflatable breasts! A transgender woman who had prior complications with her previous implants just paid a whopping $14,719.20 to test out this new kind of implant.

Ivana Vladislava is one of the first women in the world to receive this type of procedure. Her breasts increased from a size J all the way to an extreme size P or O! She has revealed her inspiration for undertaking such a procedure: “I have based my look on a plastic female doll, because I want to look as perfect as possible.”

As a transgender woman, there are many bridges that are crossed to feel confident. For Ivana, this procedure is one that made her goals become a reality.

The procedure allows doctors to leave a port in the breast, giving  women the ability to adjust the size of their breasts post surgery. In order to inflate the breasts, a doctor inserts saline into the implant. The saline can be removed to decrease the size of the breasts, just in case you or your significant other finds them a bit on the larger size.

The port is left there for a total of 6 months or until the woman is satisfied with the breast size. After the port is removed and closed up, the breasts are permanent in size. Until she decides if another surgery is needed.

It is known that many women who get breast reductions or implants leave the surgery room unsatisfied, which is why these inflatable breasts are so unique. Inflatable breasts give women a period of time to decided what size they want their breasts to permanently be post-surgery. Just like Vladislava said,”Plastic is powerful and cannot break and that’s how I see myself, so there’s nothing else I’d rather base my look on.”

The results Vladislava received have given her the confidence she has always searched for in her image. Vladislava said, “I want women to learn, from what happened to me, to do their research before having such extensive surgery.”

If you are interested in getting breast implants, maybe inflatable breasts could be your calling. You never know!

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