8 Hour Plank

To be mentally fit is one thing but to be physically fit enough to hold a plank for 8 hours is something that is unheard of. Until, George Hood, 62, a former United States Marine broke the world’s top planking record for the second time.

Back in 2011, Hood won the title. In 2016, he tried again but did not succeed. This year, Hood is back and better than ever leaving the record set extremely high. His inspiration to break the record started way back when he joined a challange at a gym. In specifics, this gym is one that “provides psychological counseling alongside physical training with a mission to promote mental health services through fitness,”  based on a Men’s Health article on Hood.

In order to train for the record break, Hood put in a over two thousand hours of practicing. In fact, it was so tough, that when times got hard, Hood had to listen to rock music.

On top of his rigorous fitness schedule, Hood prepared to the best ability and very successful. As this was the last challange he was going to be completing to finalize his career. Leaving his legacy behind as a two time world breaker for the longest time spent holding the plank position for men.

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