750 Dogs

This man should be deemed as iconic being that he has rescued over 750 dogs from the streets of Serbia. A man by the name of Sasha Pesic lives in the city of Nis, Serbia. One day, he was on the way home from his long day and ran into four abandoned puppies. As a dog lover, Pesic couldn’t help himself but figure out a way to save these dogs.

From there on out, Pesic realized that there was a high need for a dog shelter in Serbia. With this being the case, he opened his very own shelter. Not being able to do it on his own, he gathered volunteers to help him with his large endeavor especially since he did not have the financial backing at the time.

After raising funds and donations, he was able to get his shelter up and running being that these dogs needed the proper food, medicine, and vaccines. Once the shelter had it’s standing, Pesic soon became known as a local supporter and defender of animals in the city.

According to Bored Panda, “The shelter currently has over 750 dogs, has rescued 1,200 and about 400 of them have been adopted by people around the world.” Now, that is truly incredible. There is only one problem. the landowners where the shelter is stationed want them to leave the area. After a petition and concern have risen, Pesic was able to stay where he is currently settled. Although, Pesic did mention that the shelter is overcrowded, for right now, it works fine and satisfies the mission of the shelter, which is to simply care for animals that were abandoned by their owners and caretakers.

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