526 Teeth

Imagine being a little boy and growing up with a strange feeling of constant pain in your jaw. In turn, one of the most uncomfortable pains to be feeling on a regular basis. After stating his concerns, he went to the doctor and they found something beyond strange.

Cramped in his small mouth at the time, he had a whopping 526 miniature teeth stuffed in there. It was noticeable that the boy had a large mass coming out of the side of his mouth. Later figuring out what it was, surgery was constructed to remove all the extra teeth.

Once removing all the teeth, the boy weighed a bit less. To understand the mass of this unknown reason, doctors spent hours after the surgery just to individual count each tooth.

For the little boy, we could only imagine the pain he was suffering on a daily basis. Now, we are very relieved that this strain was figured out for the benefit of the child. Luckily enough, the procedure did not call for any jaw reconstruction surgery as well.

As surgeons still are unaware of the main reason behind this monstrosity, they believe it could have something to do with environmental factors and genetics. At one point, we hope the reason will be figured out. In order to gain a better understanding of what it exactly is.

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