50 First Dates

During a cross-country practice almost two years ago, Caitlin Little suffered from a hard concussion as one of her teammates accidentally fell on her head. The tragic accident left her with severe memory loss.

The North Carolina student and athlete was diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia that causes her to forget everything each night. Every morning, upon waking up she thinks that it’s October 2017, because that’s the last date she remembers.

Her rare case probably sounds rather familiar, and that’s because it’s just like what happened in the Hollywood comedy 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. When the film was released, it wasn’t based off of any real condition that was known to have affected anyone in reality.

Since then however, many cases of this type of extreme short-term memory loss have been reported, and it’s now known as a real disorder: anterograde amnesia.

Caitlin’s coaches and doctors thought that the effects of the concussion would pass within a matter of time, but she did not seem to be progressing as expected. In turn, her parents wake her up very gently every morning and explain to her what happened two years ago.

Each and every time, Caitlin is completely surprised and always has questions to ask. Her intense memory loss has made it very difficult for her to go to school since she does not recall anything she learned, and it’s like she’s meeting her teachers for the first time every day.

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