3D Jelly Cakes Bring Joy To Many

Food, food and more food. Who doesn’t love food? As much as we try to contain ourselves around our favorite types of food it can sometimes be a mission that is near to impossible.

Luckily enough this food guru has created a masterpiece out of food having us food lovers to put down our forks and simply observe. Siew Boon is a jelly artists who started her own business called Jelly Alchemy.

The idea behind her company is to create masterpieces out of jelly, flowers and flavors that will instantly “bring joy to others,” says Boon. She started creating the 3D jelly cakes when she was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. In her spare time, making these cakes “helped to shift my focus away from the physical pain and negative thoughts,” Boon says.

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While Boon created a way to benefit herself she also brought happiness to the one’s who were doing there very best to help her. During her time being treated, she would deliver the 3D cakes to the team of doctors and carers. Showing her appreciation towards them while also bringing joy to there lives.

Each one of the cakes take around 4 hours for Boon to complete. According to Boon, “every piece is made upside down… the flowers are made petal by petal using an injection method with special tools.” As described, these cakes can tend to be very tedious requiring a lot of patience from the artist.

As Boon continues to dedicate her time to inspire, create and bring joy to many people’s lives and tummies, we can’t help but crave one of her delicious cakes!