3D Body Scans For Online Shopping

Amazon, the highly popular online shopping platform has got an almost too weird to be true new project. Amazon has announced that they will offer a $250 gift card to those that agree to send in ten 3D body scans of themselves within 20 weeks. The project aims to understand how bodies change over time.

The survey conducted by Amazon apparently asks questions about the person’s weight, fitness level and future weight loss plans. Each body scan takes half an hour, and takes place in New York City.

People often return the items they ordered online, especially so with free return and shipping policies. But Amazon no longer wants people to use their homes as fitting rooms, ordering multiple sizes and then returning what does not fit.

Therefore, it has been suggested to the company by Digital Commerce that customers are given a better idea of what they are buying, since often times, small, medium, and large are pretty meaningless. Let’s hope things don’t get too creepy.

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