31 Fingers & Toes

There is a vast range of world records that blow people’s minds, literally and physically. For this local woman in Odisha, India she suffers from a birth defect that left her with a condition that she was never able to fix. Now, Kumari Nayak is being considered a world record holder for having the most fingers and toes.

Based on the Mirror Magazine article on Nayak, she deals with locals who are very cruel to her. In fact, she actually finds that it sometimes easier to stay in her home since some of her neighbors believe her to be a ‘witch.’ Although this is not true, Nayak still deals with these differences on a daily basis.

Due to her lack of funds, Nayak is not able to treat her condition so she has been living with 31 fingers and toes her entire life. Thankfully, higher-up officials have become aware of her condition providing her with the most help they can give.

On top of the support, she is now receiving, administrators have decided to educate the locals on her treatment to stop deeming her as a ‘witch.’ Instead, officials want locals to treat her properly, in this case, with love, compassion, and care.