3 Times People Absolutely Rocked the Afro

Ah, yes, the afro. A hairstyle some people would prefer remain unspoken, not to mention out of sight. And yet, there is something undeniably and uniquely smooth (one can even say cool) about the iconic haircut. The thing is, and this is just our opinion, it’s not that the afro is a bad cut, it’s just that most people can’t handle it. It is way above the average person’s capabilities. And to prove our outlandish hypothesis, we decided to take a few of our favorite afro rockers. These are the people who are groovy enough to get this hairstyle down to a tee and leave innocent bystanders’ jaws dropped while they’re at it. So, without further ado, here are our favorite afro rockers!

This fortezza da basso guest in Florence Italy

Gettyimages / Claduo Lavenia / Getty Images Entertainment

So, if afro-rocking is an art form (and we have already established that it is, indeed, a form of art), then this young lady may just be its Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de Los Remedios Cipriano de la Santissima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

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