28 Lb Cat

Wilford is none the less a fluffy, old and very large cat. This cat is one of the many that have the same story. The caretaker was no longer able to provide for it therefore they decided to give Wilford to a foster home. Wilford, dealing with the changes occurring in his life had a very hard time leaving his home for the past few years.

According to Bored Panada and the current caretaker, when Wilford first arrived at this foster home, he barely ate, was extremely overweight and struggling with adjustment issues. Wilford also arrived in rough shape look wise with his coat unkept and shaved down.

On top of these difficulties, Wilford also became surrounded by other cats, which he was definitely not used to in his old home. Wilford also deals with a handful of medical issues that needed to be taken care of but thankfully, when Wilford arrived at the home the vet gave him a full analysis. Finding that Wilford was experiencing asthma and an infection.

After time at the foster home, Wilford was able to recover. With a strict diet plan and exceptional care, Wilford is now living his best life being more playful and loving than ever. Just in time for Wilford to find his next forever home.

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