264 Hours Awake

After a long day of work, taking care of the dogs and running errands, there is nothing more than a person wants than to get in their cozy bed and falling asleep. With that being said, it is quite amazing to learn that a young man at the age of 17 made world record history by spending about a week and a half-awake.

At the time of the world record, Randy Gardner was a high school student in San Diego, California. While in schooling, he was given a  task to come up with a science fair project. For some reason, Gardner thought of breaking the world record of no sleep, so what he did was exactly that.

Throughout the days of no sleep, Gardner went about his daily routine of eating and drinking. Although this was a difficult task on his body both physically and mentally, Gardner was able to overcome the waves of nausea, grogginess, and exhaustion soon becoming the winner of the science fair and a world record holder.

During the time spent awake, Gardner caught the attention of sleep researchers who wanted to analyze the student over the time spent awake. Once he broke the record, Gardner went to a naval hospital where he was able to sleep and be observed.