2,200 Lbs

Crazy enough, the World’s Strongest Man in 2017 recently passed out while leg pressing 1,000kilos, according to Men’s Health. Does anyone ever realize how heavy that is? It is more than a whopping 2,200 pounds! All we have to say is that we aren’t too surprised the outcome of this crazy weight lifting task was exactly how it was.

The man who took on this challenge is Eddie Hall. Before lifting this insane amount of weight, Hall started with a prior workout to warm himself up. As he continued his intense workout, Hall had goals in mind.

These goals were exactly what he did, which was 2,220 pounds on a leg press machine. While doing so, Hall claims that he passed out the weight was so intense on his body, according to Men’s Health. After recovering for a bit, he continued to leg press his goal weight because in his mind nothing was stopping him especially being known as one of the strongest men in the entire world.

Now, that is intense. As Hall feels the pressure of living up to his expectations, he has not stopped impressing us on the weight floor.

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