22 Year Old Coffee

A small Japanese coffee house, known as The Munch is most likely the only place in the entire world that serves twenty two year old coffee. And if it’s not the only place? Well then please tell us where else it’s served, and hopefully they also sell it for a more reasonable price too. 

The Munch serves this freshly brewed aged coffee for a hefty cost of nine hundred and fourteen dollars per cup, making it also most likely the most expensive coffee out there.

It all began as an accident when the owner of the coffee shop would sell a special ice coffee…

The owner, Kanji Tanaka, would keep the iced coffee in the fridge so that it would be ready for customers to drink right away. One time, he forgot a batch of it in the fridge for nearly six months. Of course Tanaka couldn’t bring himself to serve it to any paying customer, but he decided to see what it tasted like after sitting around for so long. 

He was surprised to see that it was actually pretty good, and had even gained a unique flavor that it didn’t have before. At the time of his discovery, wooden barrels were also popular in Japan, and were even be advertised as a way to make alcohol taste better and at a cheaper cost. This is what got Tanaka thinking… 

Tanaka put the iced coffee that had already been sitting around for a few months into the barrels, and aged it for an impressive ten years. A decade later, it had become sweeter and was similar to syrup.  From then on, there was no looking back, and he started to age his coffee for 20 years. 

Anyone that would like to try this luxurious coffee should note that it’s served directly from the wooden barrels and is poured into a special Miessen cup.

If you’ve got some extra cash to spend, we’ve heard it’s an unforgettable cup of coffee that’s better than any chocolate or dessert wine.

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