Bella Hadid’s Spray Paint Dress

Bella Hadid, as we all know, is one of the top models; recently, she walked on the runway of Paris Fashion week for a few designers. One of her looks amazed everyone and is still the talk of the fashion world. You must have seen several videos or pictures of a dress being spray-painted on her. This was created by a Parisian designer called Coperni who used fiber spray paint to spray a dress onto Bella Hadid in front of the audience. She walked to a platform wearing nothing but underwear. Two of the Coperni creative employees began to spray paint a white dress on her. After that, another employee came to give the dress a shape by cutting a slit into it and making it into an off-shoulder dress.

Getty images/AFP/ JULIEN DE ROSA/Contributor

The concept of a spray-painted dress is not new as it was invented in 2003 by a Spanish scientist and Parisian designer. The fibers from the spray paint have a suede texture and much to our surprise can be re-worn and re-washed. Moreover, they can be used for customization and re-creation purposes as well. The majority of you might not know this but this designer has created different clothing innovations over time for example vanishing clothing by pouring water on it to reveal the dress underneath. However, it is the first time when a model walked onto the runway wearing nothing and left with a dress on her body.

You might be surprised to know this fact but this dress isn’t for purchase; it was just added to gain traction towards the show and have an increased public standing in the future. Moreover, Bella Hadid mentioned in an interview with an online magazine editor how there were no trials for this dress and she was trying it on for the first time on the runway. Designers have time and again experimented with their designs during fashion weeks. However, we are glad to be part of an era when such innovations are taking place.

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