Increasing Your Spice Tolerance

Are you someone who doesn’t do too well with spice? Well, you aren’t alone. There are a number of people spread all throughout the world that shy away from spicy foods. With that said, you can actually increase your spice tolerance. That’s right, there are things you can do to increase your spice limit. Now before we get into how you can increase your spice tolerance, you should probably know that increasing your spice tolerance should be done safely. Remember too much spice can be really dangerous for you and your health. Before doing any of these things please advise your doctor.

Getty images/Moment/ twomeows

The best and well easiest way to increase your spice tolerance would be to add some chili’s to your meals. Now you don’t have to go with anything hectic as a starter. You can start with ordinary chili’s. Try adding at least a half to your meal. Now you don’t have to go out and added a full chili because you need your taste buds to get used to the heat. If you are someone that really doesn’t do too well with spice then you will need to take things really slowly. Start off with one spicy meal a week and see if you can handle it before increasing it.

Another great way to increase your spice tolerance is to simply eat ramen noodles. Now we aren’t talking about just any ordinary ramen noodles. We are talking about those spicy ramen noodles that you may have seen on YouTube before. Those noodles are perfect for someone trying to increase their spice tolerance. Now yes, you may have seen a few spicy noodle challenges but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and eat those noodles. There are quite a few noodles that aren’t too spiced and that will be perfect for a beginner.

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