2023 Grammy Nominations

Musicians work all year round to give their fans music. But that’s not the only reason why musicians work so hard. Everyone knows that there are a number of awards that musicians compete for. This includes the American Music Awards, the MTV awards, and the most prized award, the Grammy Awards. Every musician spends their entire career working and hoping that they will one day be nominated for a Grammy. With that said, the nominations for the Grammy Awards are a big deal. Everyone stays glued to their devices to find out who will be up for what award. So take a look at the 2023 Grammy Nominations.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/David Becker/ Stringer

The Grammy awards are divided into different sections. Each section has its own list of awards that musicians can be nominated for. The first section is the general awards. In this section, you will find the category Record of The Year. There are ten records that have been nominated for this award. This includes As It Was by Harry Styles, About Damn Time by Lizzo, Woman by Doja Cat, and several others. The next award is the Album of The Year. This year there are ten albums up for this award. This includes 30 by Adele, Renaissance by Beyonce, and Special by Lizzo to mention a few.

Now another highly anticipated category would be, Song of The Year. Although there has been a number of different songs released throughout the year, there can only be one that walks away with this award. With that said, the following songs have been nominated for this award, Break My Soul by Beyonce, Easy On Me by Adele, Just Like That by Bonnie Raitt, and several more. Another big award at the Grammy’s would be the award for Best New Artist. In this category the following artists have been nominated, Lotto, Wet Leg, Anitta and so many more.

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