Revisiting New Order

After the unfortunate and tragic circumstances which lead to the band breaking up, the three remaining members of what used to be Joy Division, the Post-Punk icons which have since become a thing of legends, went on to continue their musical careers under the newly devised name of New Order. New Order took Joy Division’s iconic minimal Post-Punk sound and integrated elements of electronic and dance music to create some of the 80s’ most memorable musical anthems. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite New Order tracks!


Blue Monday



Some people say that New Order re-invented what it meant to drop a single. Blue Monday, one of their most notable hits, doesn’t appear on any organic album of theirs. It is just that – a single track. And what a track it is.


Bizarre Love Triangle



One of pop music’s unsung and underrated anthems. In our minds, Bizarre Love Triangle may just be one of the greatest pop songs ever crafted. The internal rhyme scheme gives the song a nursery/children’s song vibe which only adds to its playful nature. And that chorus. Oh man, don’t get just started on that terrific chorus.  It may just be one of the 20th-century most catchy yet emotionally potent choruses. Catch us screaming this song at the top of our lungs at every single house party we’ll be invited to, which might just be a rare thing if we actually live up to our word.


Age of Consent



This Post-Punk masterpiece may just be the closest New Order has ever sounded to their mythical predecessors Joy Division. And yet, it is undeniably different. The bleak minimalism of Joy Division has given way to a slight, danceable optimism that would come to define the works of New Order and differentiate them from their Post-Punk roots.


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