Morning time calls for coffee, a well thought out breakfast and the usual wake up call of water being splashed on one’s face or the constant ringing of our alarm clocks. Once we wake up and smell the coffee, literally, it is time to eat our favorite breakfast.

With the multitude of options that are presented to us as breakfast choices, we sometimes decide to go the easy but healthy way out and heat up instant oats to make oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the most well-known, old fashioned breakfast options of the century. Many enjoy oatmeal with an assortment of condiments and toppings on the top of those fiber-loaded oats.

The thing is, many don’t choose to eat oatmeal because of the health benefits behind it. Instead, they eat it because they simply like it. Well, the great thing about that for all the oatmeal eaters out there, it’s quite a healthy breakfast option.

Oatmeal has a special kind of fiber in it called beta-glucan. According to Men’s Health, “this type of fiber, research shows, has been showed to regulate hunger hormones such that you may feel more satisfied after a meal.” This, in turn, can possibly cause weight loss but it is recommended that if one actually wants to lose weight, eating oatmeal isn’t just going to do it.

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