12 Summer Date Outfit Ideas

Picking out the perfect date outfit depends on personal style and where you are going. Often people don’t see the need to look extra special for occasions. Most people want to blend in, but dressing well is a great way to boost self-confidence. This summer, we are bringing to your fingertips unique ideas that will leave your date stunned, let’s begin with the guys;

Carelessly sophisticated

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If you intend to spend time indoors, most likely somewhere with the A.C. on full blast, this will make the perfect option, and surprisingly it goes well for dinner dates too, all you need is; A jean jacket, A cool t-shirt, jeans or snug-fit chinos, sneakers and a hat to top it all off.

Downtown casual

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If you plan on coming off as easy-going, carefree, but stylish, or you want to feel comfortable, you don’t want your date to assume you didn’t put effort into your dressing. Then this is for you; comfortable pants, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a white under t-shirt, which is optional. A jacket and sunglasses to finish the look.