12 Summer Date Outfit Ideas

Picking out the perfect date outfit depends on personal style and where you are going. Often people don’t see the need to look extra special for occasions. Most people want to blend in, but dressing well is a great way to boost self-confidence. This summer, we are bringing to your fingertips unique ideas that will leave your date stunned, let’s begin with the guys;

Carelessly sophisticated
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If you intend to spend time indoors, most likely somewhere with the A.C. on full blast, this will make the perfect option, and surprisingly it goes well for dinner dates too, all you need is; A jean jacket, A cool t-shirt, jeans or snug-fit chinos, sneakers and a hat to top it all off.


Downtown casual
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If you plan on coming off as easy-going, carefree, but stylish, or you want to feel comfortable, you don’t want your date to assume you didn’t put effort into your dressing. Then this is for you; comfortable pants, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a white under t-shirt, which is optional. A jacket and sunglasses to finish the look.



Going rogue with shorts
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This keeps it basic but not dull, keeping things simple with a little dramatic flair. Wearing shorts to date might seem improper but remember the perfect outfit depends on location and personal style. You can be daring by picking an excellent color to give off the summer vibe, like peach, pale yellow, or mint green. All you need is; A nice shirt, shorts, sneakers, don’t forget your sunglasses.


Beachy casual
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If you are going to the beach or seaside but don’t want to look too bare, here’s the perfect way to look good without trying too much; a loosely fitted shirt with the sleeves rolled up, pants, sandals, tote bag (optional), sunglasses.



Stay fly

If you want to take things up a notch to look sophisticated, how about going all-in with; a good designer polo, chinos, espadrilles, face cap or hat, whichever suits you best, and sunglasses; it’s easy, well put together, and on point.



Tropical fleek
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This is my favorite, it’s a bit daring and probably way out of the comfort zone for some guys, but it’s worth it. Don’t be too to go for warmer tones. All you need is; a well-fitted shirt. Even a flowery designed shirt will be perfect for this coupled with form-fitting pants, a t-shirt, loafers, and finally, spice things up with a matching necklace. For the ladies, picking the perfect date outfit is as important as life. Ladies always want to make a statement, but most times, you get confused, it’s either you think it’s too much or too basic. Here are a few fresh ideas that can help you out.



Urban casual
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You can never go wrong with jumpsuits, whether pairing them with heels for a sophisticated look or sneakers. It’s perfect for any location, a bar, a restaurant, or even the beach, be sure to swap those sexy heels for cute sandals if you are going to the beach.


Mini bride
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Midi dresses are my all-time favorite for summer dates, and they are romantic and perfect for first dates. A backless midi dress will make your partner eager to see you again after the first date if you play all your cards right. Step up your summer vibes to look more eccentric with colorful earrings, flat sandals, or kitten heels.



Downtown casual
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This is practically everyone’s go-to, T-shirt and jeans. Turn things up a little with this Elsie T-shirt. The padded shoulders and corseted waist will give you a new look. Finish things with simple cute earrings and pastel kitten heels.


Rogue wall flower
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Easy-going but beautiful. For those who love frills, a simple frilled dress is feminine but won’t give off an overly sweet vibe if you pair it with matching sneakers. Highlight your look with a beautiful anklet and let it accentuate your entire outfit. If going to the park, this is your go-to.



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Denim is a classic; regardless of season or year, it’s a go-to for everyone. There are several ways to wear your denim shorts or skirts. You can decide to do something different like denim shorts with a silk camisole, pair it up with sneakers or heels, whatever suits you is fine. The regular high-waisted jeans with a cute crop top feel like showing off a little skin.


Nightlife chic
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This chic is bold, daring, and loves knee-high boots. This look is simple but always makes a statement and is highly recommended for night dates. All you need to pull this off is; a cute short gown that sits pretty on you and knee-high boots. To add a little drama, finish the look with waterproof eyeliners, sexy lip gloss, and attractive earrings.