100 Year Pants

Most people, upon hearing that a single pair of pants costs a whopping six hundred and forty five dollars that wasn’t made by a very well-known high fashion brand would think that it’s completely ridiculous. Agreed?

But what if you were told that this pair of pants will actually last you forever? Volleback, an adventure clothing brand, claims that their new pants will last an impressive one hundred years.

The founder, Steve Tidball claims that his company guarantees this. The pants are apparently made from materials that are tough enough to go through fire.  The material used to made them is a highly innovative three-layered material that is specially designed to withstand a variety of threats.

The outer layer repels liquids and is also specially designed to resist abrasions. The middle layer is fire-resistant, and at high temperatures it expands out to an airbag in order to prevent your legs from coming into contact with fire.

The third layer is made from an aramid fiber, which does not melt, nor does it burn, in order to offer even more protection.  In most cases, such clothing is very uncomfortable and heavy to wear. However, these special pants are the first of it’s kind that can be worn on a daily basis.

The are designed to stretch to fit your body and be adjusted to a wide variety of activities, whether it be yoga or mountain climbing.  So although the price may seem rather hefty, on a yearly basis, it’s really not so bad.

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