10 Years Of Memories Down The Toilet

A Chinese woman has been reported to have suffered a very rare and strange case of amnesia, causing her to be unable to remember anything from the past ten years of her life for a period of eight hours.

All of this somehow happened after she pushed too hard while on the toilet due to an unfortunate case of constipation, believe it or not.

While it’s a known fact that placing too much effort while on the toilet can come with a variety of side effects, it usually doesn’t go much past a  light headache or some dizziness. Short term amnesia is a new one to be added to the list of side effects, and has surely never been heard of before in such a circumstance.

According to experts, such a case is pretty unlikely, however perhaps the amnesia was caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain while she was trying to push too hard.

The family members of the anonymous constipated women report that after she came out of the bathroom, she seemed to completely out of it, not knowing anything that had happened in the past decade.

Her short term amnesia is reported to have passed a period of eight hours, and after being taken to the hospital, doctors did not find anything wrong with her brain, unable to touch on what had caused this memory loss.

Many people think that the whole story was made up, however according to a notable Chinese neurosurgeon, such a thing is possible, however very rare.

So next time you’re struggling on the toilet, be sure not to take things too far. It’s not worth it.

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