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"Let others make the songs of love For our young struggling nation; But I will sing while ever I live The Songs of Irrigation; For while the white man shall beget The white man's son and daughter, The two most precious things for us Shall still be wheat and water.

We've been drought-ruined in the West, And ever in my dreaming I see wide miles of waving crops And sheets of water gleaming, On plains where fortune died of thirst When my brave father sought her, I see the painted barges pass Along the winding water.

And now the glorious scheme's afoot, Our country to deliver From drought and death on blazing waste, By long neglected river. You'll see the boodlers of the world Rush in from every quarter: They want the land,, the gold-reefed sand, And now they'll want the water."

-Henry Lawson

While there is, of course, no shortage of clever social media posts that poke fun at the hilarious so-called exposed truths of the difference between Instagram and reality, comparing two very different pictures, perhaps the harsh truth is that there really is no difference between the two, believe it or not. And no, that’s not to say that every model is actually flawless in real life and that she hasn’t been photoshopped and touched up endlessly. And that’s also not to say that you should go comparing yourself to these pictures and people- because that’s never good for our self esteems either.

“The purpose of a camera is to capture memories, not replace them.” ― Abhijit Naskar

“Too often too much social media and the latest internet trends drain us and erode us of creativity, drive, peace of mind and sense of purpose. ” ― Germany Kent

So what are we really trying to say here? Well, what we’re trying to say is that there’s perhaps no real difference between Instagram and reality because Instagram has become our reality. Yes, you heard us right, Instagram has become our reality. That’s why there’s no real difference. We’ve learned to live and breathe through Instagram. It’s become an internal part of who we are - and it dictates the way we think, act and feel. While we can always compare two pictures, and while they may very well be very different - at the end of the day, there’s no competition. There’s no need for the word versus to be used.

Our ‘reality’ picture that we've posted on is new our reality that we’ve created under the influence of Instagram - a very carefully thought out picture of how we would portray ourselves in a more ‘natural’ light, but still, always knowing that it would be shared across the platform for millions to see, we aren’t ever really going to be our natural, untouched, vulnerable selves. And that’s why Instagram is our reality, and what was once our reality no longer exists, at least not in this specific context. Even when you post that picture with #nofilter, there will always be a mental filter no matter what. That's just the way our brains work.

We live our lives under the rule of Instagram, allowing it to take over and make us feel as though we need to be a certain way. Instagram makes us feel that FOMO that we think we don’t want to feel, and pressures us to constantly be out and about, doing things, meeting new people, and trying to live our lives like a picture perfect scenario, through the way we hold ourselves, our food, and even our glass of water, or at least, create the illusion that it’s so. What’s most alarming is the fact that we mostly even do so without consciously being aware of this. But it’s inside of all of us.

This new reality has become a core part of who we are, and whether or not you want to believe it or accept it for what it is, our lives would surely look very different without it. But you’re not to blame really, because this is the reality we’re in today. Will it ever change? Unlikely. Do you have to change? Not necessarily. It is what it is. But next time you laugh at or share an ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ post, perhaps you’ll look at it through a clearer lense, and have a deeper understanding of what this 'reality' really is. Our mirror is getting darker and darker, and is more black than you think.

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