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"My garden roses long ago Have perished from the leaf-strewn walks; Their pale, fair sisters smile no more Upon the sweet-brier stalks.

Gone with the flower-time of my life, Spring's violets, summer's blooming pride, And Nature's winter and my own Stand, flowerless, side by side.

So might I yesterday have sung; To-day, in bleak December's noon, Come sweetest fragrance, shapes, and hues, The rosy wealth of June!

Bless the young bands that culled the gift, And bless the hearts that prompted it; If undeserved it comes, at least It seems not all unfit.

Of old my Quaker ancestors Had gifts of forty stripes save one; To-day as many roses crown The gray head of their son.

And with them, to my fancy's eye, The fresh-faced givers smiling come, And nine and thirty happy girls Make glad a lonely room."

-John Greenleaf Whittier

In today’s day in age, we are leaving home, our families, and our comfort by our own will in most cases. At least those in Western societies. This time around, unlike our grandparents, we’re not leaving because we’re being drafted into the army to fight for our country, and not because we have to go work in a factory miles away to support our families and help put food on the table. We’re leaving because we want to.

''Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.'' -John Ed Pearce

You don't have a home until you leave it and then, when you have left it, you never can go back. -James Baldwin
Societal Pressure To Leave Home

And we’re not leaving because we don’t love our families either. We’re leaving home in modern society because that’s what we’ve been told and taught is the right thing to do at a certain age. For many people, leaving home can be seen as a right of passage, and as the only way to truly assert ourselves and our worth, whether or not we are really ready to do so, both emotionally and financially. But truth be told - is that what we even really want in life? Are we really ready to leave, when we leave?

For many of us, we’re not really ready. That’s the harsh truth. We may have convinced ourselves that we are because of all the societal pressures around us in every way, shape and form possible, telling us how to live our lives. But we’re oftentimes not listening to ourselves and to what we really need right now. If we’re barely managing to close the month, month and month, and pay our bills, eating only the most basic of goods, from canned tuna fish to plain pasta, then have you ever asked yourself why you're really doing this? Why are you really doing this, young soul?

Perhaps you’re doing this to yourself because you want to conform with the rest of society and keep up with what you think you’re supposed to be doing. But at what cost are you willing to do this, young soul? As you sit there swiping endlessly through those dating apps, looking for the love of your life, or maybe just someone to pass the time with and provide you with a warm body and that comfort that you’re lacking right now - just remember that you this is what your family has and always will provide for you.

Use your hard earned money to save up for what really matters in life down the line - the family that you will establish for yourself. Because family is everything. Never forget that. Save that hard earned money to offer your children the life that they deserve. Paying sky-rocket high rent to live in the big city with all the action may be what you think you need right now, but think about the bigger picture. Give yourself the life that you deserve, and stop killing yourself to have the life that society has convinced you to have right now.

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