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"The Whale is found in seas and oceans, Indulging there in fishlike motions, But Science shows that Whales are mammals, Like Jersey cows, and goats, and camels.

When undisturbed, the Whale will browse Like camels, goats, and Jersey cows, On food that satisfies its tongue, Thus making milk to feed its young.

Asking no costly hay and oats, Like camels, Jersey cows, and goats, The Whale, prolific milk producer, Should be our cheapest lactic juicer.

Our milk should all come from the sea, But who, I ask, would want to be, And here the proposition fails, The milkmaid to a herd of Whales?"

-Ellis Parker Butler

While we’re all surely human, and meet a set list of criteria of holding certain assets, we’re all very, very different characters when it comes to certain traits. Which is of course, also the incredible beauty of human beings, that we are so diverse in so many ways. We all see the world in such a different light, through a different colored, possibly tinted sometimes lense, and deal with things differently as they come our way. And when it comes to uncertainty and not knowing what the future holds - we all approach this complex concept in a different way, for better, or for worse, whether we're aware of it or not.

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.” ― Francis Bacon

''The demand for certainty is one which is natural to man, but is nevertheless an intellectual vice.'' -Bertrand Russell
The Need For Certainty

For some of us, uncertainty is incredibly frightening, and is possibly the thing we fear the most without even being consciously aware that it's so. We're constantly trying to avoid the possibility of uncertainty at all costs by planning our every move, thinking it will save us from facing this fear. But for others? Uncertainty is what keeps us alive. Uncertainty can keep us going, and can keep us always looking forward to the next unexpected surprise that the world throws upon us, whatever it may be. Uncertainty can be the drive to continue to try our very best and always make sure that we’ve got our survival instinct turned on, full force. Perhaps uncertainty is the essence of life - never knowing what awaits us in the future and using that as our driving force.

How do you view uncertainty? How do you deal with uncertainty? Does it stress you out? Does it worry you? Do you fear the unknown? If so, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Ask yourself why, right here, right now. What would your life really be like if you could actually plan out your every move and know exactly what’s in store for you, without anything that ever came in your way causing obstacles? Would you still be motivated to wake up every morning and give life your all? What would it honestly really give you to live a life without uncertainty? Peace of mind? What does that even mean, really? Maybe it would give you peace of mind, if that’s the life you want to live, going through the motions always knowing what the expect.

But maybe this peace of mind is exactly the black mirror that we don’t want to look into, despite our constant desire to technological advancements. Maybe this so called peace of mind is a place that we don’t really want to reach in all honesty. Or at least, not through external means. We may think that we want to get to this place - but this place is so much further than any of us truly want to ever be in order to truly live. As the days go by, we only get closer and closer to this place, of being able to control virtually everything in our life and ensure that nothing ever strays away from our very set plan for everything in life, from the smallest to biggest detail. Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, and step a few steps back, once and for all.

Maybe we need to just let go, and start to let life run its course. Maybe we need to just start to trust that there’s a plan out there for us, and no matter, it's what was meant to be, religion aside. Just believe in life. To truly start to believe that no matter what, we’re going to be alright, and the worst that can possibly happen, really isn't it so bad after all. It’s all about our perspective, and which color lense we choose to see the world through. Those that know how to truly embrace the uncertainties of life, taking everything in stride surely live a calmer day to day life.Those that know how to appreciate the beauty and magic of uncertainty surely smile and laugh more. So remind us again, please, why exactly do you feel the burning need for certainty in life? Let life happen, and it will thank you in return. We promise.

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