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Over the downs in sunlight clear Forth we went in the spring of the year: Plunder of April's gold we sought, Little of April's anger thought.

Caught in a copse without defence Low we crouched to the rain-squall dense: Sure, if misery man can vex, There it beat on our bended necks.

Yet when again we wander on Suddenly all that gloom is gone: Under and over through the wood, Life is astir, and life is good.

Violets purple, violets white, Delicate windflowers dancing light, Primrose, mercury, moscatel, Shimmer in diamonds round the dell.

Squirrel is climbing swift and lithe, Chiff-chaff whetting his airy scythe, Woodpecker whirrs his rattling rap, Ringdove flies with a sudden clap.

Rook is summoning rook to build, Dunnock his beak with moss has filled, Robin is bowing in coat-tails brown, Tomtit chattering upside down.

Well is it seen that every one Laughs at the rain and loves the sun; We too laughed with the wildwood crew, Laughed till the sky once more was blue.

Homeward over the downs we went Soaked to the heart with sweet content; April's anger is swift to fall, April's wonder is worth it all.

-Henry John Newbolt, Sir

Humans are at the brink of extinction, if we continue to emit greenhouse gasses at the same rate as we are, it won’t be long before the planet can no longer sustain life. This is why there have been multiple efforts by international bodies, such as the UN, and governmental organizations to reduce greenhouse emissions. Nevertheless, individuals must also play their part.

There is not much you need to do to reduce your carbon footprint and play your part in saving the Earth.

There have been multiple efforts by international bodies to reduce greenhouse emissions. Nevertheless, individuals must also play their part.
Micro Habits To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to watch the amount of water you consume every day. That is, in the shower, while brushing your teeth or while doing the dishes. You will notice that we have a tendency to waste a lot of water while doing basic everyday tasks and if everyone started carefully consuming water, we would be saving a lot of energy and hence, limiting the carbon footprint.

This sounds pretty easy, right? But if you are wondering how water consumption and carbon footprint are related and why you should be paying attention to the amount of water you use every day - well, it's actually simple. Essentially, a lot of energy is consumed in transporting water from its source to your home, which means that extracting the energy that makes it all happen employs greenhouse gasses.

The next way to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to renewable sources of energy. You can install solar panels on your home’s rooftop and this way you will no longer be needing energy from fossil fuels to charge your phones or turn on your lights and fans. Obviously, though, this method is quite expensive and may not be an option for everyone.

You can choose to only switch a portion of your electrical consumption to solar as it will reduce costs and still help reduce your carbon footprint! However, if doing so is also not an option, simply keeping your windows open and taking advantage of daylight will also reduce the number of lights you require during the day. At the end of the day, every little thing counts!

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