"Enchantress, farewell, who so oft hast decoy'd me, At the close of the evening through woodlands to roam, Where the forester, 'lated, with wonder espied me Explore the wild scenes he was quitting for home. Farewell and take with thee thy numbers wild speaking The language alternate of rapture and woe: Oh! none but some lover, whose heartstrings are breaking The pang that I feel at our parting can know.

Each joy thou couldst double, and when there came sorrow, Or pale disappointment to darken my way, What voice was like thine, that could sing of tomorrow, Till forgot in the strain was the grief of today! But when friends drop around us in life's weary waning, The grief, Queen of Numbers, thou canst not assuage; Nor the gradual estrangement of those yet remaining, The languor of pain, and the chillness of age."

-Walter Scott (Sir)

Ah, social media. Can't live with it, can't live without it. That seems to be the dilemma we face every day. On the one hand, pretty much every aspect of our lives revolves around the tiny colorful icons on our phone screen. When there's a cool party coming up, we RSVP through the link on Facebook, and we check who else is going through the participants list. Even when we're traveling we can't escape it; who hasn't posted an airplane wing selfie on Instagram, cool filter included? The bottom line is that social media is here to stay. The question is how we use it - and our time - wisely.

"Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people." ― Dave Willis

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it." ― Erik Qualman
Let's Talk Social Media

In general, social media adds a lot of good to our lives. We don't often notice it, since these apps have become such an integral part of our lives, but we definitely take a lot of the good for granted. For example, how did we find out about that upcoming Yoga retreat? Most like, the answer is Facebook. Furthermore, scoail media apps not only assist us in our social lives, but they also save lives - literally. Many medical cases seeking financial assistance or organ donations have gone viral because of these major online platforms. Without them, it would be a lot harder - not to mention more expensive - to connect with people around the world.

However, for all the good that these platforms bring into our lives, there is also a downside. Ironically, social media has actually made many people less social than they were before. In a way, it's understandable; why call your friend up or take a bike ride over to their house when you can just send them a meme on Instagram, or better yet, like their latest tweet? With these new modes of communication comes the loss of more old-fashioned modes, and in the process, the notion of human contact has taken on a whole new meaning. Are we really socializing when it's all online? If we only communicate via texts and memes, what effect will that have on our friendships and relationships?

If we want to preserve our society that is based on human connection while embracing the modern technologies that come our way, we must find some middle ground. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? In the case of social media, the answer is arguably yes. Therefore, we must collectively make an effort to reach out to one another on a personal level, instead of constantly opting for an instant message or a tweet. At the end of the day, 280 characters are not enough to express our deepest thoughts, and dreams, and desires - the very innate things that we have in common. Ironically, in order to truly connect with one another, we must disconnect from our devices, log off, and come together.

To sum it up, social media isn't inherently good or bad; It's just a tool. But it's a tool that we must use wisely, because our future depends upon it. Inevitably, the lack of face-to-face connection and hearing each other's voices is bound to make us seem a little less human to each other. So the next time we think of someone or have something to say, perhaps we should consider the best way to share it. If we're looking for a wide reaction of likes and comments, the solution is probably social media. However, if what we're seeking is real, human connection, there's nothing that can replace good, old-fashioned socializing.

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